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Bela Lugosi's Dad

by Jumble Hole Clough

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Look at what I’m building I’ve built a giant moth Armatures of silver Coverings of golden cloth I reached into the chimney once and pulled out a sewing machine Runic goat a-courting Out racing / can I go rut? Cargo unit Swept away down the cut I reached into the chimney once and pulled out a sewing machine A cog I turn A man I hung I cut on rag I bite my tongue Him that cryeth havoc Should watch by day and night The throne that I sit on Was never mine by right I reached into the chimney once and pulled out a sewing machine Next time I went, it wasn't there.
53 men, huddled in the hall To all intents and purposes, there’s no-one there at all Just a little up the road, that’s where it will end. Forgotten men around the bend Get the mucus moving
Bread & Butterflies Bread & Butterflies Imagine my surprise
Sheep cannot climb the stairs in Monkey Boots
Happy people over there I count every one with care I use Cuisenaire
Rain / train / aeroplane Wet wino phoned With wooden pen Open the window And start again
Sailing with me on the Zuider Zee Fishing for cod in the Land of Nod Feeding the hoards with Uncle Graham’s gourds. Look what my brother can do Ringing a rook in Daisy Nook Building a nest in Budapest Curing a lamb in Amsterdam Look what my brother can do Sailing with me on the Zuider Zee Sailing with me on the Zuider Zee Fishing for cod in the Land of Nod Feeding the hoards with Uncle Graham’s gourds. Look what my brother can do Fighting a dwarf in Düsseldorf Not getting caught in Ellesmere Port Pulling pork without using a fork Look what my brother can do Sailing with me on the Zuider Zee


Recorded in Hebden Bridge from 2013 to 2016.
Track 1 recorded on the 600th Anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt.
Track 3 recorded on the Summer Solstice of 2016, which was also a Full Moon.
Track 11 recorded on Boxing Day 2013.

For more clues, have a look at each individual song page by clicking on their links.

All songs written, played, recorded and produced by Colin Robinson, with:
Richard Knutson - microKorg (track 1)
Liam Robinson - electric double bass and bass guitar (tracks 2,4 and 12)

Cover photo: Marjorie Robinson (date and location unknown)
Cover art font: Bauhaus 93
All other photos by Colin Robinson
My dad would have been 100 years old on 6th July 2016.

"That has to be the greatest father son photo ever seen!" - anonymous benefactor

"My earphones have tripped over so many fascinating toys over the last few years. Colin Robinson has hand-crafted quite a few of them. Click below, kids. You won't regret it. Trust me." - Craig Ewert

"I love what you're doing, very Hebden Bridge! If you like Capt Beefheart you'll love this." - Annie Honjo

"Oh my the latest offering from That Dadaist Krautrock Enoesque Funkness of Hebden Bridge Sir Colin Robinson... just get it, listen and tell EVERYONE you know about this AT ONCE you got that? If you like Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, Talking Heads, and just plain good music I know you will love this. This is some of his finest work to date and trust me... Colin there are so many subtle things whizzing around whirring back and forth and fading in and out this is simply some of your finest work to date." - Michael Inman

" I haven't listened to anything quite like this before." - Nancy Lowe

"Just listened to this guy and blown away!" - Dpa Rg

"Mad as a box of frogs. In a good way." - Kenneth Brown

"That crazy cat Colin Robinson" - Kipli, Music in the Mail radio show

"Great music; reminiscent of the great and mighty Stump." - Del Pike

"J'adore" - Sandro Mangas

"The best yet. Eclectic, playful, funky, even beautiful" - Mark Williamson

"You must listen to believe. Then, you will listen some more!" - Steve Barber, aiiradio

"Colin Robinson's one-man band freak ambient avant-garde guitar loop project Jumble Hole Clough is on a roll lately. Robinson's voice is a mix of Captain Beefheart and Tom Waits - the kind that will scare the shit out of impressionable children. Jumble Hole Clough doesn't sound like anybody else, but more like a dozen or so genres having a party." - Hans Werksman, Here Comes The Flood weblog

"Colin Robinson is back to his absurdist best. Bela Lugosi's Dad combines the twisty funk of mid-period King Crimson with his own rich and eccentric orchestration. Good news: he's making startling noises once more... It's full of anagrammatic lyrics, backwards guitars, psychedelic frisson, and the untamed honk of woodwind mouthpieces. Consistently at a right angle to anything else." - Cyberinsekt music blog

"Sailing with me on the Zuider Zee. Insanely catchy and quite nonsensical, it'll get you singing in the shower" - Roger Trenwith, Astounded By Sound

"a splendid album by the splendid Jumble Hole Clough... Courtesy of the extremely prolific and yet strangely enigmatic and attractive Colin Robinson..." - Liam Tungate

"it’s suitably bizarre and I like the occasional reminders of Joe Meek's spaced-out sounds." - Russell Mills

"“Journey to Hebden Bridge UK and hear existentialism and progressive sounds from across the pond. Elements of Pink Floyd, King Crimson and others combined to create originality” - Oddsfiche

"Absurdity is a strategy. Like a Zen koan, Jumble Hole Clough juxtaposes the ridiculous to the profound, and highlights the paradox that is at the heart of both. Lyrically, this album veers between the luxuriantly psychedelic and the apparently random—between un-sense and non-sense: there is probably a useful distinction to be made between the ‘un’ and the ‘non’, but it needn’t hang us up here. Colin Robinson’s arrangements are built on grooves, often with swirling soundscapes elaborated above them, although the orchestration is never excessively elaborate, and the music as a whole seems addressed to whole people. It impels the body to move, it envelops the experiential faculty, and it elicits questions: it delivers a triple-lock, on pelvis, heart and head, which is really as much as you can ask of any artwork. There seems to be a significant element within the arts’ audiences that likes meaningful enquiries to be made with a straight face, and that element (well represented in the prog-rock fraternity) may not be able to take this music seriously; but what Robinson understands, in common with the Zen masters, the proponents of deconstruction, dramatists such as Tom Stoppard or Samuel Beckett, and a broad element in culture as large as the straight-faced one, is that nothing can be truly profound if it is humourless. Laughter is, like knowledge, a knife, and on Bela Lugosi’s Dad it is deployed incisively." - Oliver Arditi

"Undad, undad." - Roger T


released July 26, 2016


all rights reserved



Jumble Hole Clough Hebden Bridge, UK

Jumble Hole Clough is a project by Colin Robinson to produce music influenced by the landscape, industrial remains and experiences around Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire. Forgotten things half-hidden beneath the undergrowth.

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