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by Jumble Hole Clough

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What’s the Devil made of ? A big rusty bin Dead man’s pencils A big rusty bin Grandad’s barber A big rusty bin Ring road to nowhere A big rusty bin Dial M for Marmite A big rusty bin
Aqua Conks / Jingles Quacks Jean Lingo’s Sack Quoins Jangle / Ginger Jingle Jackal Sequin Song
I found a Valentine It cost me 3 and 9 St.Stephen's Bell
Air Fedora 02:09
A fire road Deaf, I roar I read Faro Arid of Ear Air Fedora Fear or aid? A fire road I rode afar
Santa’s swearing elves Found a Valentine Moon and blackberries In the Sulphur mine
Upland Nod Loop a ruddy nun Duly undo apron Poland Dun Any old roundup Parody Loud Nun Duly undo apron Poland Dun
Skin & Hide 00:56
Goat and gland Autonomy in hand Don’t fill your ear full of sand
Wedgie 01:20
CPL593H 01:37


All recordings made in Hebden Bridge March / April 2017, except "The Start of an Adventure" (November 2016) and Craig Manga's remix (October 2017).

Jumble Hole Clough:
Colin Robinson: all instruments / vocals / found sounds / production
Michael Linden West
vocals: "Air Fedora" and "I cannot go back to your poundland"
electric viola: "St.Stephen's Bell"
piano, viola, shehnai, saxonet, bagpipe chanter, clown horn: "You've just broken the law".
Craig Manga
remix: "Jackal Sequin Song (Mangabros. Sanjak Clique Mix)"

"The Start of an Adventure" was originally recorded for Linear Obsessional's spoken-word compilation album "Utterances".

All the other pieces were recorded for Radiofare (a curated meta-interrogation of the contemporary nature of radio - a platform for the disruptive and unexpected - on Dublin Digital Radio.)

Thanks to Nick Tann for donating the phrase "Lincoln - it's not all ice cream and sausages", even though he doesn't remember saying it.

"Jackal Sequin Song (Mangabros. Sanjak Clique Mix)" is also available on Craig Manga's "Mangled" album.

"Colin, the Calderdale Beefheart" - Ben Myers

"an extraordinary new collection of tracks... very interesting little tunes full of surprises, humor, irony, weirdness and really cool vocals - simply a good music, you should hear !" - Mato Huba of Atom Hub Samples

"one of my favorite avant garde artists... Like Henry Cow? Robert Fripp? Soundtracks for insane asylums? This is your lucky day!" - Jon du Bose

"off-kilter short stories and ad-libs that will be embraced by fans of quintessential English eccentricity" - Hans Werksman, Here Comes The Flood weblog

"Dead Man's Plimsoles can be added to the short list of songs about sinister footwear, with eerie vocals circling above as pop-art Erinyes from Hell" - Hans Werksman, Here Comes The Flood weblog

"This is a great Album, Experimentation of Sounds and Assorted Vibes, and the Appeal of Daring to be Different in the Spirit of College Radio of DAZE gone by.... This is Right up My Alley! I Totally Loved this Recording" - Kelrod Kilwalski from Ohio

"This is a fine old racket..." - Roger Trenwith

A Big Rusty Bin - "It's like Billy Childish meets Frank Zappa... love it." - Simon York

"It's truly magnificent sir, WOW!!!" - Craig Manga

"Mr Robinson channels a world where Captain Beefheart was inadvertently commissioned to make BBC incidental music. Raucous, not always entirely sensible & great fun. Love it." - Mark Williamson

"much smitten by their wayward charm and impeccably erratic genre plucking pic n’ mix / between the lunacy and warped n’ wonky musical motifs on show here, there are some certified nuggets / hells teeth it’s so beatnik-y I’m growing a beard" - Mark Barton, The Sunday Experience

"Deadly cool album for a hot Saturday morning. Colin Robinson never disappoints. I'm really loving St. Stephen's Bell. Jumble Hole Clough. There's a heap of his stuff on bandcamp that will make your headphones happy. Trust me, kids." - Craig Ewert

"Scraping eels off the front lawn..Colin has been up to his tricks again." - Roger Trenwith

"Colin's work will engage your noggin as well as make you smile, possibly at one and the same time. This is the kind of multi-tasking I can cope with. Colin's hovercraft is always full of eels, which is probably why he gets few paying customers." - Roger Trenwith, Astounded By Sound blog

"Hebden Bridge's funky answer to The Residents" - Mat Handley, You, The Night & The Music

"Amazing work" - Christoph Chianese-Lopez

"I must say you sir are brilliant....you should be counted among the greats such as king crimson,pink floyd,zappa,etc etc.....I am very impressed!!!" - zeeeeroin


released June 16, 2017

"Air Fedora", "I cannot go back to your poundland", "St.Stephen's Bell" and "You've just broken the law" created by Colin Robinson and Michael Linden West

All other songs created by Colin Robinson
All lyrics and anagrams - Colin Robinson
Cover photo taken by Colin Robinson on the Dark Lane hollow-way section of the Magna Via above Halifax in 2010.


all rights reserved



Jumble Hole Clough Hebden Bridge, UK

Jumble Hole Clough is a project by Colin Robinson to produce music influenced by the landscape, industrial remains and experiences around Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire. Forgotten things half-hidden beneath the undergrowth.

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