Dandelion Radio Session Feb 2017

by Jumble Hole Clough

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These songs were created exclusively for Pete Jackson's Dandelion Radio show, broadcast in February 2017.

Performances, production and engineering by Colin Robinson, all recordings made in Hebden Bridge in December 2016 and January 2017.

Cover art by Colin Robinson; photo taken in Haworth 2011.

"Your session is among the most unique and unpredictable I've had in the last nine years, and I'm a huge fan of your titles - you're like the Kenneth Williams of the West Riding" - Pete Jackson, Dandelion Radio

"It's a corker" - Mark Williamson

"A collection of eclectic barmy brilliance" - Tristan Robinson [no relation]

"Track one NOW PLAYING! This has our full attention! The Voice Sounds Like Brian Eno... Really Cool!" - Kelrod Kilwalski

"This album feels like one long performance, And that how it should be digested: in one sitting, with a nice cup of tea and maybe some scones with clotted cream" - Hans Werksman, Here Comes The Flood weblog

"Only a keen observer like Robinson could come up with a song title like Streamlined Art Deco Apple for a song about the chayote.
The stand-out track is Neuz Annoyz!, an instrumental that could have been recorded by a nascent Pink Floyd, sounding like it was saved from Joe Meek's Tea Chest Tapes." - Hans Werksman, Here Comes The Flood weblog

"The most coherent thing Colin has done since last Thursday..." - Roger Trenwith

"The Hebden Bridge Zappa!!!" - Robert Goodfellow


released March 4, 2017

All songs by Colin Robinson



all rights reserved


Jumble Hole Clough Hebden Bridge, UK

Jumble Hole Clough is a project by Colin Robinson to produce music influenced by the landscape, industrial remains and experiences around Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire. Forgotten things half-hidden beneath the undergrowth.

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Track Name: Luddenden's Burning
Luddenden's burning
Luddenden's burning
They looked into the sun

Ripon sinkhole
Lilac Onions
They looked into the sun

Pol Pot Noodle
Metro-Vick Co-Bo
They looked into the sun

Trout Mask Replicant
Sniggering pixies
They looked into the sun
Track Name: Oldham lasses with NHS glasses
Men are scared of Oldham lasses
especially the ones with NHS glasses
Track Name: The Other Room
Let's go into the other room
Track Name: And the dust will gather on the table
We've had our only life
We've had our only time
And the dust will gather on the table
Track Name: Like a cloven sunfish (part 2)
Like a sunfish
Like a cloven sunfish